Fastest DVD to MPEG converter/encoder?


what program converts a DVD to MPEG the fastest ?

I’ve tried a few programs but the estimated time to convert a 120 minutes DVD to MPEG-4 is about 5 hours

Is there any software that does it faster ?

A DVD is an mpeg, just cut into pieces (.vob) and hidden inside the dvd structure.
I can demux a whole dvd in DVDLab in about 3 minutes.
Do a search in the tools section at for “dvd -> mpg”.

thank you for your suggestion

Hello Reboot, As you can see im new here. I have just downloaded DVD Lab Pro2 and I for the life of me cant figure out how to get the movie out of the dvd so that its about the size to fit on a cd. In either .avi or .mpeg. Can you steer me in the right direction??? Thanx.

[quote=reboot;849053]A DVD is an mpeg, just cut into pieces (.vob) and hidden inside the dvd structure.
I can demux a whole dvd in DVDLab in about 3 minutes.
Do a search in the tools section at for “dvd -> mpg”.[/quote]

You have dug up a thread that is nearly three years old. I doubt you’ll get an answer from reboot.

DVDLab is an authoring tool. It puts compliant mpeg2 files into dvd format and allows you to make menus. It cannot reduce the size of your dvd to the size you want, or convert to avi.
It can demux vob files and give you elementary streams, but that doesn’t get you near your goal.

How large is the dvd you have now? Are you sure you want to reduce it to fit onto a cd? That would be about 700 mb. If you are going to do that, I would use AutoGK and convert to an avi file using the xvid codec.

Fair Use Wizard, or the free, Celtic-Druid version of Fair Use Wizard can also do this, though they work from a disk image rather than files.

You can find more information about these programs over at

It is easier to fit dvd movies, especially commercial dvds, onto dvd recordable blank disks. They hold about 4.3gb. Reducing the size with DVDShrink is simple and reasonably good quality. You can also use a good free encoder based program like DVDRebuilder if you need more than a small amount of compression.

thanx kerry56. Im actually pretty good with computers and programs, but I cant for the life of me find a program that will take the main movie from a dvd and make an avi or mpeg file at any kind of reasonable speed. Most are like 3-5 hours. Im only doing this so that i can put alot of them on my external drive cause im leaving for a year and dont want to take discs

Encoding times rely mostly on the speed of your cpu. I have a Core2 duo machine running at 2.7ghz and the last movie I reencoded with DVDRebuilder took 68 minutes. But I use Procoder and DVDRebuilder Pro combined, and with those I can make use of both cpu cores simultaneously.

If your machine is slow, there is virtually no way to speed up the process.

Going to an external drive it makes sense to convert to xvid just to save space. Give those programs I listed a fair shot, and read up a bit on their use. You should be able to get good results.

Sorry to dig up a dugged up thread, but this is the closet info I can seem to find in search.

I currently have quad core cpu computer, what program would you recommend converting a DVD to the raw MPEG2 format with audio and video still merged (not .m2v) to edit, while taking advantage of mutli cores? Procoder and DVDRebuilder as mentioned?

If the dvd is not encrypted, or you have ripped to the hard drive, you can use Vob2Mpeg to remove the mpeg2 video out of the .vob container files. This is quick, easy and does not degrade the quality of the video.

The output will be one mpeg2 file.

What program are you going to use for editing mpeg2?

The DVDs arent encrypted, and I’d prefer getting MPEG2 straight from DVD to hard drive rather than DVD-> VOB -> Mpeg2.

I’ll be using either Sony Vegas or Final Cut

Edit: i saw the VOB2MPG but reading comments there seem to be some sound syncing issues that could occur?

I’ve never experienced any problems using the program. With a tool this simple to use, I suspect PEBKAC from those complaining.

Thanks for the input, I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

Thought I would share my discovery in case it helps anyone.

I bought imtoo divx converter 6 for $20. It has support for multi-cores and ati stream etc so it is fast. Little did I know, it is very fast but doesn’t produce merged files (5 vobs = 5 separate divx files, named the same as the original vobs… noooo!)

I happened upon ‘join vob files’. I thought great, it will put all the vobs together and divx converter can do them in one file. it works but you don’t get the benefit of multi cores as divx converter cant seem to utilise all cores to encode with just one vob file so it was slow. I was not best pleased…

Join vob files works in a couple of minutes and I discovered you can run several copies at once - hence produce individual vobs for each film at the same time - individually named for each film. Now I can use imtoo divx converter on vobs for 4 films at once and it splits the cores between each vob and maintains the same film name! I can convert all 4 films in about 45 mins! mwahahahaha!!!

it is the best way i have found to batch convert at speed.