Fastest DVD-ROM Ripper

i want to know what DVD-ROM drive rips dvd’s the fastest. i have a BenQ 1620 with the speed patch but i dont want to ware out the laser.

AOpen 1648\AAP


I own both AOpen 1648/aap and 1648/aap Pro

On a pressed 7.8gb disc:

The 1648/aap peaks at 12.22x and averages 9.02x with a read time of 11.45 minutes-

The 1648/aap Pro peaks at 12.92x and averages 9.76x with a read time of 10.45 minutes

So as you can see - it appears the aap Pro is the faster (at least within my two systems)-

Have bought a new BenQ 1620 Pro (to replace the aap) from Newegg and will let you know the results after I have played with it and tweaked it-


obviously it’s multiple times more expensive than a straight up DVD-ROM drive, but the Plextor PX-716 rips in just about the same time. this is if you want another burner that’s fun to play with (like the BenQs):

btw, that’s a screen grab of ripping 2 DVDs at the same time.

Both the BenQ 1620 and Plextor 716A are very fast rippers as I own both and they are pretty much on par for ripping IMO. I am the opposite as I don’t want to wear out my Plextor so the BenQ gets the ripping duties. Also I have read lots of good things in the forums about the above posted AOpens being great for that duty. Buying another burner gives you more choices and they are pretty cheap . :slight_smile:

if i were to buy a straight up DVD-ROM (which i wouldn’t given the price of burners these days), it would be the AOpen.

Plextor has 2yrs warranty. Why are you worried about wearing it out?

only in Europe. only 1 year in US.

Any reason for the 1yr difference?

plextor us blows in comparison to plextor eu? no idea really…

Cost and competition. I have also heard that in EU, warranty service picks up at your door. The only thing I have ever bought in the US with this kind of service was my Dyson vacuum, and, of course, Dyson is a UK company.

I agree with the AOpen 1648 speeds. I also agree another burner would be a good use of the additional $25 cost over the AOpen. Add a BenQ 1640, or a Pioneer 109D and you will get something different. The BenQ 1620 seems best for +R; Pioneers generally seem to prefer -R.

You can never have too many burners, you know. :wink:

Yo chas0039-

Again - yur absolutely correct-

With the BenQ 1620 Pro for $50 +$4 shipping vs. the AOpen 1648/aap Pro $25 + $4 shipping (both from ) the additional $25 gets you not only the reader/ripper but also a proven test burner plus the additional CD and DVD writing features-

That is a lot of bang for the $25 buck IMO!!!


My AOpen 1648’s are fast reliable ripers on all disc’s the same isnt true of my BenQ 1620 with the speed patch.