Fastest DVD drive for ripping?

I’m looking for a DVD Burner that is the fastest for ripping DL DVD’s so I can backup my collection. Any suggestions?

The Asus Model DVD-E616A2 is pretty darn fast.

NEC, Pioneer/Asus, BenQ and Plextor PX-712A can read pressed DL disc at 12x. However as far as I know only BenQ 1640/50/55 and PX-712A can read recordable DVD±R DL at 12x (around 11:50 mins).

There are some burners that can reach 12x with ala42 MCSE speedpatch. With MCSE, the BenQ can reach 15.6x reading a full DL disc in about 9 minutes.

This old thread might help: Dare! Fastest DVD DL rip speed

I have the Plextor 740A or Benq DW1640, where can I get this MCSE speedpatch…

You should patch you current firmware with MSCE tool :iagree: