Fastest Copying App? Recode or Other?

Hi all,

Just wondering what sort of speed people were getting copying dvd’s (via AnyDVD) with diiferent software.

Obviously I undersatand this will depend on the hardware…

Currently using Nero Recode (ver 0.089 Beta) which took about 90 minutes to copy / burn AI.

Kinda hoping the latest version of Recode will improve this, but does anyone out there know of anything faster?

Nero Recode 2 is the latest version for some months…
you can try the latest version from

The version you are using right now have a serious bug that can wipe you hard drive… be carefull

I’ve read some good reviews on 1click-DVD-Copy(.com), which seems to do a simple dvd 1:1, with options, which is basically all I need.

Anyone got any feedback or comments on this?

Quirky9: Thanks for that heads up, should be installing the latest vers. soon.
Till then, anything I need to look out for on this HD wiping bug?

I use Nero Recode 2. It’s extremely easy to use and rips at decent speeds.