Fastest Converter

how about some feedback on which file converter is the fastest?

“File convertor” from ‘X’ to ‘Y’, Ken ;)?

[li] MPEG2 -> MPEG4[/li][li]DVD-Video -> XviD[/li][li]XviD -> DVD -Video…[/li][li]etc[/li][/ul]

Yes all of that!

Oh right… that easy then :p.

Seriously, Ken… do you want an ‘all-in-one’, or was there a specific conversion you had in mind ;)…

No realy,
progs I use are Avone Video converter, Canopus Procoder, Video convert master and ConvertXtodvd for all my format conversions. At the moment I would say that for speed ConverXtodvd has the edge not a lot in it as I can see, but I was wondering if anyone was using a file converter that was using a faster Algorithm. Just thought it would be interesting to find out what new software is out there.

When i convert avi to DVD,i usually use winavi,it can give me fast speed.It can convert a avi movie to DVD only half an hour! Is it fast enough? :bigsmile:

That sounds fast, obviously this is dependent on prossesor speed mabe we should also qute computer speed!


Fastest always goes along with lesser quality, so that is the answer.

And bumping threads is not nice…

Whatt is bumping threads please, am I doing something wrong?

Bumping threads is generally when you make a post in a thread when there is no need, or to get attention.

As chef said speed sacrifices quality, Winavi is very fast but results are always crappy. DVD2SVCD + CCE is good choice for AVI>DVD, or The Film Machine + CCE is also very good.