Fastest CD/DVD reader

My old CD/DVD reader is starting to have problems (I get a machine check and a free reboot in XP every time I put a CD/DVD in the player, though after that it is OK) so I am in the market for a new reader. I already have a burner on this machine (and my other one) so am not interested in write speed. However, I would like to have a machine with as fast a read speed as possible. By that I mean:

  1. Starts up quickly (my other writers take 10-20 seconds between putting a CD in the machine and being able to see what is on the cd/dvd)
  2. Reacts quickly in games.

Time to copy a complete CD is not as important.
I guess what i need is a player which goes from stopped to showing data as quickly as possible. I’ve not been able to find this information in any reviews so perhaps someone here can help me?



Does no one else have this problem?

No! not that I know of! I use a Lite-On and it’s fast enough for what I want. :slight_smile: