Fastest burning firmware?

If my reading is correct the fastest to burn dvd +r is Liggy beta 8? I have TDB 2.f8 but it still takes awhile to burn a standard dvd. However, I am using the new roxio 7.0 release. Is it a possibility the roxio is why it is taking so long? I have Nero 5 but it doesn’t support dvd burning. :a

Nero 5 does support dvd burning. Maybe the version you have is too old and doesn’t properly recognize the 3500AG, I always use nero 6 and it works flawlessly.

Let me get this straight. This is BURNING and not ripping time right? Because I have 2C8 and it’s burning fast with Nero 6. Only complaint is ripping speed…which takes about 50 mins for a full DL DVD.

I suppose I need nero 6. This is burning time, as I stated, in Rox 7 when I select burn it transcodes my files first and then burns the disk, which takes about 20 min.