Fastest and quietest HDD for storage?



I know that SSD is the fastest for the system drive but which HDD is fastest and the quietest as a storage drive?

I need about 600GB of storage space but I was thinking along the lines of a 1TB drive with a SATA2 connection.


Western digital 640GB Black should be one of fastest drive available but I’m not sure about noise.


I run twin 750Gb W-D “Black” drives and never noticed them making any noises… atleast none I can hear over the smight noise from my front case fan.



Why do you need speed for storage?

I would choose some of these eco friendly hard drives that are working at 5400-5900rpm.


Yo Bunny-

I’d go for the Western Digital Caviar Black @ 1 TB - but - with the [B]64mb cache[/B] to give you quiet, solid, fast performance at a reasonable $89 cost-eh!!


The Eco drives doesn’t save much power at all and they have some fun incompatibility issues… and as vroom asked, why would you need “performance”?
That’s a really good deal for storage


I have loads of large files for storing and no patience to wait for them. That is why I would like a fast drive
How about Samsung F3 or Seagate drives?


Any drive will deliver 40Mb+ so it wont be a difference


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2542154]Any drive will deliver 40Mb+ so it wont be a difference
//Danne[/QUOTE]Why 40MB per second? I thought SATA2 could handle about 300MB per second.


Samsung F3 is a good choice for me, seagate is not, this should be disc number 5 that has problems:a.


I’d say that Hitachi, WD, Seagate are about the same while Samsung seems to have higer failure rate in general. Some models are worse than others…


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2542258]I’d say that Hitachi, WD, Seagate are about the same while Samsung seems to have higer failure rate in general. Some models are worse than others…

I’d find that “interesting” since Hitachi and Samsung are now the same company…

Frankly I’ve had the most trouble with OEM Fujitsu drives, which I invariably replace with WD drives.

Close second for failues was the ATA133 Maxtors, but the very last of them
are no longer my problem…



What are you talking about?


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2542534]What are you talking about?

Read the quoted part of your post.

You mention Hitachi and Samsung seperatly, thing is they are NOT seperate

the only difference between a Samsung drive and a hitachi drive is the adhesive label, So if there is a reliability difference I’d wonder why…



Uh… no?
I have no idea where you’ve read that but it’s wrong :wink:


Uhhh… possibly the stack of drives at a friend’s work station… that are all clearly labeled Hitachi-Samsung?

Mabey I’m dilusional and i’m halucinating when I try to read the label?

Or mabey it’s the two drives I have sitting on MY desk

One is an 80gb 7200rpm Hitachi the other
one is an 80gb 7200rpm Samsung and if I put a piece of masking tape over the label I can’t tell them apart…

Or mabey it’s the optical drive in my computer that’s labeled Hitachi-Samsung…?

Or the fact that several drives identify themselves as Hitachi-Samsung drives during installation…?

But then again mabey it’s just the drives shipped to the US from… wherever…?

or mabey what they ship to Sweden so that you get to see them are different… somehow…?

Got me…

All I know is that THE WORST drives are the Fujitsu drives.
I used to pull those from new systems, clone them to a WD (or sometimes a seagate) and label them for which system they came out of… only so I could clone them again and create a virgin install with about 10min worth of effort) when the other OS or HDD.



Huh? Optical drives are TSST (
HDDs are different, even if you can’t tell them apart. :wink:


And mabey I’m half asleep most of the time because I’ve been working a solid string of 7 day weeks at my other job…
so mabey I am hallucinating… sleep deprivation…

You are dead on right about the optical drive.

I actually pulled it out of my computer to look to be SURE.

In any event the only drives I will actually buy these days are Western Digital, not that there’s anything wrong with Seagate, but the last time I tried to return one under warantee I got a ration of crap from the idiot at the other end of the phone call.

Samsung may be “failure prone” in your view, I wouldn’t know, I have had one fail, actually DOA out of the sealed box but when I called them they shipped a replacement overnight via FedEx and they didn’t even ask for the dead one back…

That drive has been in a constant run system as the boot drive for the last three years.

But I really do have a samsung labeled drive that aside from the labels is identical to a Hitachi drive right down to the casting marks on the main case…
Could it be that the two companies simply buy their castings from the same source?

Or that one has a production problem and bought labeled drives from the other? Stranger things have happened…

I’m pretty sure it’s an older drive because I can’t find a date anywhere on it, but it’s truely an identical twin to an 82.3gb Hitachi with a production date of March-2004

that other 80gb Samsung is not accessable to me until later in the week, I’ll try to think up an excuse to open that system and take a peek at it…

BTW, who the hell is “HL”? I keep seeing it on DEAD optical drives
Both desktop and notebooks…



HL --> Hitachi-LG


As for the HDDs, I think it’s just a coincidence since there’s no official “joint venture” between Hitachi and Samsung.