Fastest and best reader

I love my Benq 1620, however I’m looking at a faster reader. What would you reccomend? I don’t need a burner, just a dvd reader.

just use ala42’s speed patch on your 1620. that will give you what you are asking for.

If you really want another drive this is currently the fastest ROM and it is a good reader too.

If u just want a DVD-ROM reader ,get the Aopen Model DVD-1648/AAP

Great reader i have two works well

newegg has it

Unless you feel the need to have 2 drives, the speedpatch is the best, cheapest and easiest way.

1620 is not just a fast reader. It also reads a lot of picky discs my other drives fail to read.


where can i find this patch ?

Thank you. :wink:

Just go to the top of the BenQ forum here on CDFreaks. Look for this sbject header:

Read First: MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Benq/Philips DVD-Writers

Look in the first post by ala42. At the bottom of his post you can see the link to the download of his MediaCodeSpeedEdit.

After you download it, open it and load the firmware you are planning to use. There is a check box for “Increase Read Speed”. Just check that box and then save the firmware. Then flash your drive with the firmware that you saved.

Or you can go to the BenQ Speed Patch for dummies thread and it give you a very detailed description on how to apply it to the firmware.

I have to add here that I own the Benq with the speed patched firmware and I also own a pioneer 108 ,and although the benq is the fastest ripper there is certain disks it wont read i.e poorly burned disks or even slightly bad burns on cheapo disks,
whereas the 108 seems to read them no bother,and its something i’ve found with all pioneer burners from 105 to 108 ,never had one before 105 or the newest 109