Fastest and best converter? any videoformat 2 dvd


I want loads of differnet opnions of good converters from any videoformat 2 dvd.

i want to now a fast and reliable one since i have been let down in the past by crap converters NOT SAYING NO NAMES LOL

please help :confused:

Speed and quality are mutually exclusive. Ulead is a very popular DVD creation/authoring/editing tool, but no one conversion utility will cover ALL video formats. It would help if you specify what formats in particular you need to convert to DVD-video.

ConvertXtoDVD best there is.

WinAVI best there is :rolleyes:

I have to agree…but i should say…its not ever let me down and it was the first one i ever tried…so my theory if it ain’t broke why fix it…thus …i’ve never gone looking for any others…

If you want quality I’d say Avisynth + Virtualdub + HC Encoder (CCE if you have lots of money) + Twolame + ffdshow (tryouts) :wink:
Probably not the fastest thing around but if you know what you’re doing its really handy and its free.

I used win-Avi it’s absolutely good software but i i’m not like much the functions there.

Just about anything with




Useful anyway