Fastest 32X packet writing CD-RW drive?

Hi, I am going to buy a 52X32X52X CD-RW drive. It will be used for one thing only: to back up 60GB of data every day using Nero’s InCD packet writing software. I would like to know the fastest drive for this purpose. I was going to buy the Lite-On, but then read in this review

the following:

"Unfortunately, the LTR-52327S wasn’t as fast when packet writing with InCD. At 32x, the drive’s times were about 38 seconds slower than what we saw with Nero. I asked Lite-On about this and they really didn’t have an answer for me. If I had to make a guess, I’d say that the drive uses CAV when packet writing. "

There was only 1 faster drive in this review, but it was a TEAC, and all thier other consumer electronics is junk in my experience.

Are there any comparisons of this feature anywhere or does someone know?

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If I were you I would forget about Packet writing programs they are ALL unstable and unreliable. get an externa USB Hard drive to back up to.

use DVD-RAM! buy an LG-4163B!

60GB a day to CD?! You would be better off with a DVD Writer so your only juggling around 15 disks a day instead of 80+.

DVD-RAM would probably be your best bet, otherwise if you insist on packet writing then either Sonic DLA (R or RW media) or InCD (RW media only).

While packet writing has picked up a bad reputation in the past, it has matured quite well in the past couple of years and is now much more reliable (atleast with the 2 packages above).

Of course a better strategy may be an additional hard drive (either external perhaps in a removable cradle).

for 60GB i second the “use a hard drive” instead option.

SORRY my apologies I’ve been leading you up the garden path. It’s 60MB, not 60GB. To iss: I have been using INCD fo a couple of years now with minimal problems, so I intend to keep on using it at this stage. An external HDD is not practical, as the backed up disk is locked up. No front USB, so too awkward to use external drive.

60mb, backup to a USB2 flash drive then instead of optical media.

Hmmm…the fastest flash drive writes a 64MB file at about an average of 1.7MB/sec according to this graph:

whereas a CD-RW writing at say 29X, is going at 4.35MB/sec. So I’m better off with the CDRW?? This is roughly speaking not taking into account ramp up speeds.

shows that flash drives are in fact probably faster due to the time it takes to write the leadin and out for a CD-RW.

a newer model flash drive will definitely be fast enough and more convenient IMHO.

Flash drives are pretty cheap these days and alot faster and easier to back up to than using CDRW or DVDRW media with packet writing software. you can get a USB 2.0 adapter cable between 3 ft and 6ft long to plug in to the back of the computer and then plug your flash drive into it so you dont have to reach around the back of the computer to plug/ remove the flash drive.

Youve got to remember flash RAM has a nasty tendancy to completely die suddenly if you rewrite a lot of times (they are more suited to applications where they are mainly read).

You could I suppose counter that with a rotated set of flash devices or a making 2 or more copies at a time to a pair or more.

Now you tell me…after I’ve just forked for PCI card, cord and flash card. No seriously thanks for the heads up. If the flash drive dies after too many rewrites, that’s OK as long as I know it has died. Will it be obvious?

you know how the only sound a rabbit makes is when it dies? that doesn’t happen with flash drives :wink:

But won’t I know because the drive won’t read when I insert it, or it won’t write?

to be honest, i don’t own a flash drive…just used my sister’s and friends’ a plenty. perhaps someone else who’s actually had one die on him/her can chime in.

I have several flash drives and use them on a daily basis. some are over three years old and are still working fine. I have had only one flash drive die on me and that was because I plugged it into a friends computer and he had wired the front usb ports wrong and ZAP that was the end of that drive. other than that I have never had a flash drive fail.

Thanks everyone, drpino especially for recommending a flash drive. I would have not have thought of them, because I knew nothing about them. I’m using it now, and it’s great - but it’s a bit disconcerting having the important records of hundreds of people backed up on a gadget the size of my thumb! Still the future is now, I guess.

hey numcrun…you’re very welcome…glad you found a suitable solution. perhaps backing up the flash drive to an offsite HD or another machine or another flash drive would be a good idea (sounds like mission critical data).

good luck with it all and happy flashdisk writing / cd/dvd burning :wink: :bigsmile: