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These guys are nearly as bad as Microsoft. Protecting there own equipment. All gamers I know are using AMD. So I guess this is for the big guys out there who got the money that this ‘free’ divX…

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Well, i certainly doesn’t think Intel as any bad guy. They just deliver the goods without problems. I cannot say that about AMD. Many of my Friends tried out and said that AMD rules, but when it all screws up, they allways come back to me an cry about it? I guess AMD will get it’s turn as well.

Zyron, When AMD all screws up?!? What the hell are you talking about?

AMD rules, My Athlon xp 1700+ is the most stable machine ive had, it goes on and on, only time i reboot is when an install requires it. :4

I don’t have a problem with a Commercial entity, be itr MS or Intel, helping out with the optimisation of a open-source project. Who cares if they only optimised it for their processor, you didn’t really expect to optimise it for AMD’s did you!? So now all we people who use AMD are eagerly waiting for them to optimise the code further :wink: for AMD!!!

i love my tbird.

Zyron you are a complete idiot !!! I use to sing the “Intel is the only one song” till now. I just bought a xp333-r IWILL, 2700 KINGMAX, and a Geforce3. Just got it up and running this weekend and all I can say is, why did I wait so long? This was over $300 in savings over chipzilla’s system. So I guess you can say my geforce3 was free by going with the AMD system. So ya see Zyron my friend, thats what it is all about (bang for the buck). And as far as speed and performance, it’s all good. I could go on and on but for now, if AMD keeps up the good work I will just keep coming back.

AMD produces very good microprocessors and no one can say other wise as Intel has no chip that compares in the performance/price ratio. The instabilities are from the motherboards that most people use, most of which are Via, which is the heart of the ‘AMD is unstable compared to Intel’ statement made by most people. In my opinion, AMD has the better CPU, but Intel definitely has the best motherboard chipsets. Too bad Intel does not and will not make a chipset for AMD CPUs as they could make money from both their Intel CPUs and Intel CPU chipsets, but also take away money from companies like Via, ALi, and SiS. This sounds bad at first, but in the end it would bring better platforms for AMD users and more competition so that companies like Via would have to produce higher quality products with less bugs. I, as soon as I gather enough funds, am going to build a new pc built from an Athlon XP and an A7N266-E (Asus nForce) so that I do not have the problems of sound corruption, file corruptions, and the numerous other problems that have plagued others’ and even myself, from a Via-based motherboard. And to make a point, the sound corruption not only occurs with SoundBlaster Live!, but also the ISA-based SoundBlaster AWE64, which I used previously. So the Live! excuse is invalid as far as I am concerned. To end my ramble, I hope both AMD and Intel are around for a while so we have competition, which is good for all of us consumers. I just wish some standardizations would come to the CPU end of things so us programmers have one standard to program, instead of the various amount right now (i.e. MMX, SSE, SSE2, 3DNow!, 3DNow! Professional).

I have a Intel P2-450, two celerons (466 & 600) a AMD-K6 233 and a AMD Duron-700. The PII is still running strong, although its a little outdated now. I haven’t ever had a problem with it. The celerons are complete garbage as far as I’m concerned. I get crappy rates on just about everything. The K6 is a hell of a lot better than my previous Pentium MMX-166, or a Cyrix-200. I haven’t had a drop of trouble with it, although it is a little slow for 233MHz. And finally, the AMD-Duron-700MHz. This computer is my latest addition, and I am really pleased with it. It runs perfectly, with a few exceptions which I think are the motherboards’ fault. Despite the fact that all of these systems run good. When I finally spring for a TRULY new system, I will probably end up buying a PIV. Not because of performance by any means, the AMD chips are just as good, debatably better. The reasons to go with a Intel chip, is that they have better motherboards, and their chips are optimized in games. It’s that simple. Perhaps if more companies optimized their software for AMD, and/or AMD started making motherboards, then AMD would be my upgrade path. Some people seem to think that Intel is a horrible company, equal to Microsoft. I see it slightly differrent. AMD and Intel have been working against each other since the 486 (the 386 and earlier AMD actually made math co-processors for Intel chips.) Intel made a better product up until the Pentium Pro, where AMD stepped in with the K6 and beat the hell out of them. There is nothing that makes a bad company out of Intel, just for having a larger following. That isn’t Intel’s fault… its AMD’s fault for making a worse product about 6 years back. In a few years the roles might be reversed. Why is Microsoft such a horrible company? I still don’t understand this. They sell a product (MS Windows v.whatever) which companies buy, and people buy, and OEM’s buy. This software costs over $200. Is there anyone out there who wants to spend $200-2000 on an operating system that doesn’t come with an internet browser? When I install an OS on a computer, the first thing I do is get drivers, which requires an internet browser. WHERE am I going to get an internet browser if Windows doesn’t have one that comes with it? Am I going to have to go back to Wal-Mart and buy Netscape or Internet Explorer? That is absurd. If I’m spending $200+ on a piece of software, it had damn well better come with something. I don’t use IE for the most part anyway, I use Opera. If you don’t have it, you should get it. I have Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 6. It is obvious that Opera is faster at loading webpages. All the same, just because Opera is a better product doesn’t make the other product’s makers bad.

Well, read this article and you’ll see whats wrong with Microsoft:

AMD does not have only unstable motherboards, and they do in fact produce board chipsets (AMD 760) which I have never had any trouble with. If you have had instability problems and/or incompatibility porblems with an AMD CPU, then more than likely you were using some cheap piece of shit VIA chipset on your board, and its your fault for taking the cheap way out. The sad fact remains that Intel produces the best chips for Intel cpu’s, and AMD produces the best chips for AMD cpu’s (for now anyway). But of course there’s the newcomer - you all know who it is. I’m not even slightly surprised that nVidia released their first chipset for AMD, they, just like us know that AMD is going to be king in the future. So they make a beauty of a chipset for it now. As for that rubbish about games being optimised for PIV, that is absolutely untrue. About 90% of todays games are programmed for DirectX’s Direct3D which is just as much optimised for AMD’s 3DNow! as it is for PIII’s SSE and PIV’s SSE2 (you can ask any semi-educated person). As for the other 10% of decent games, which use OpenGl (QuakeIII, QuakeIII, and QuakeIII), those are only optimised for PIII’s SSE. Of course you would have to be a dickhead not to know by now that AMD has integrated SSE into it’s new Palomino core. btw. Fish3669, i share the exact same dream computer - (currently stuck with a Pentium III, biggest mistake ever).

Reaction to Looser: First: try another name here on CDFreaks Second: i don’t call AMD people idiot’s because i use something else. Third: I haven’t said that AMD ALONE is to blame for the accidents that happend. But it really doesn’t matter which fault it is (Motherboard or CPU), if it can’t run reliable it just don’t run the mile that Intel and their boards do. It’s that plane simple. So please stop saying i’m somekind of a Intel Zombie