Faster than Nero Vision?

I know there’s several video converters out there but i was wondering if there’s something faster. Currently I have several avi files that i am converting to dvd video’s.
The process I am using (and it works!) is open/merge avi’s and convert to mpg in Nero Vision. This usually takes at least 2 hours. Then I have to convert to VOB with tmpgenc. Finally I use dvd shrink to compress and burn to dvd. It works but it takes forever for 1 dvd. Like 4 hours total. Is there something faster? Is there a program that works faster than Nero Vision? I just basically want to merge and convert to mpg’s.
Maybe i’m limited because of hardware. I have p4 2.4ghz, 512ram, 16x sony dw-g120a burner with 16x verbatiums and burning at 16x.

Whatever program you use , it’s takes time to transcode from avi to dvd format … i use power director ( not free ) not sure if they have a trial version , works ok for my backups vhs-dvd …
Can also check out lots of info here …