Faster pc, slower writes!

hi all,

i recently upgraded my pc to a 64bit 3.2 athlon with a gigabyte mb and a gig of ddr2. i kept my old writers a pioneer 107 and a nec2510. on my old pc i could only write a 4x on both writers, on the new one i can allegedly write at 8x but it’s gone from 12minutes to write a 4.7gb copy to over 30 mins, even though it says it’s writing at 8x.

does anyone have any ideas?

cheers peeps

When you installed windows what IDE drivers do you installed? Standard microsoft or other (via or nVidia or other)?

blimey, thats a fast response!

i only installed standard windows i think, i don’t remember installing anything from nvidia. have a butchers here…

Please, note that I was referring to IDE channel drivers, and not to drive ones

NVidia drivers are known for causing problems. If you didn’t install them, look up the channel’s DMA settings first (DMA should be enabled). If that all doesn’t work, you might want to try the NVIdia chipset (IDE) drivers after all.

ok edited file attachments and placed new ones on thread - is this any help? look up!!

From the screenies one would guess everything’s alright… did you do the speed tests?

ok, fished this info out - i will post speedtest screens shortly - sorry about the delay, fell asleep :o

heres the speedtest for the pioneer, had to use screenies cos i cant save the report for some reason…

The NF driver pack installed the ide drivers, roll back!

sorry m8, i don’t understand, firstly what is the NF Driver, and secondly can you tell me how to do it? thx!

N(nvidia)F(force) drivers install with the motherboard cd.
Go to device manager, right click on the nvidia controller, properties,
driver, roll back
should get you back to the generic MS one.

ok, i’ll try that now and start a disc, i’ll post the results in about 30mins - thankyou

I have been having the same problem with an NF2 mobo and an overclocked amd
2600 mobile and old power supply, new power supply ordered and shipped.

ok, rolled back the drivers and have a noticeable result, however don’t you think that a disc to disc copy of an unprotected movie should be completed in about 6 mins using an 8x burn? I noticed the buffers were like this all the way thrugh the burn. Any more suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m using a 500w twin fanned psu so plenty of power there so i dont think thats a cause of any probs. i’ll settle for a 4x speed burn (even tho the burner says its doing it a 8x), but it’d sure be nice to write @ 8x speed with a 8x burner

If both devices are on the same IDE channel, on the fly copy is slower. If you want to do lot of copy on the fly then I suggest to put your drives on different IDE channels.

thanx 4 ur advice. Being a bit of a pc noob, a: are they on the same ide channel? and b: if they are, how do i change it? i think my master hdd and slave hdd are on the same ide channel (0) and the writers are on IDe 1, again in a master and slave config. most of my copying is on the flly so it’d pay me to go thru the hassle of changing em…

the driver roll back worked, now use shrink to put a movie on the hard drive then burn it at 8x again

neroinfo tool will show the ide assignments

6min is a good 16x burn for geeks

15 min for 4x burn

To change your config you must open case and swap drives.

You can put harddrive with windows as master on primary IDE channel, one of your burner (nec or pioneer, choose you what) as slave on primary IDE channel.

On the secondary IDE channel you can put another Harddrive as master and the other burner as slave.

Ensure to select correctly the jumpers on the rear of each drive (both harddrives and burners), and to connect correctly on the cables (master drives must be connected to the external connector and slaves on the intermediate connector).

Hope to have exaplained enough clearly