Faster cd burning

with all the “gun-ho” about faster dvd burning, what about faster cd burning. I have 2 dvd+/-rw drives They are the 851s@832s, and 1213s. Before i upgraded to these drives a had cd-rw drive, it was the 52246s.

anywho, I burn quite a few cds, maybe about 20-30 amonth and its funny that my much older cd-rw drive is over a minute faster then my dvd+/-rw drives (52x vs 48 vs 40). One would think that there wouldnt be much of a difference, but there is between there speeds but there is. Anyone know if there are any plans to add cd burning into the omnipatcher? or anything else to speed up cd burning?

The Liteon 40x burns in 3.09 seconds and the LG @ 52x takes 2.23 seconds… Seems to be a big difference in time compared to 40 and 52… My liteon 24x took a tad over 5 minutes… Think its because the liteon does CAV CD burns… 40X is 6000 KB/sec while 8X is around 12000. So It should technically do a Z-CLV burn @ 80X :slight_smile: Should do it in 1.5 minutes? So when do we get the new modified bios for the drive that you speed hacked to burn cd’s faster? :slight_smile:

I think there was a misunderstanding. I didn’t speed hack anything (i wish i knew how). I was just asking if there was a chance that one was going to be released? and pointing out the difference between my 3 drives was quite large.

I quite dont understand your point - be more precise what are u talking about! Best post some figures (speed/time/mode) u complain about

He wants to know why no one has speed hacked the dvd writers to write cd’s faster… Seems an 8X dvd burner should do a CD @ 80x using Z-CLV… Making a burn in a minute and a half instead of the currenct 3mins @ 40x…

Thx, Ampikle, so I guessed right, but now I am puzzled since I find my 1213s is enormously fast at writing CDs compared to my older CyberDrive 32x12x48 burner. What the hell is he complaining about? :confused:

ampikle has it correct. I was just wondering if there was a way to speed up cd burning. I old liteon 52246s burned a 700mb cd in just over 2 minutes. But my 1213s which burns at 48x burns cds just barely over 3 minutes, and my 851s@832s burns cds at close to 4 minutes and sometimes over.

Theoretically the 48x mode(7.2MB/s) should burn 700MB in about 1.6 minutes – the reality is a tad behind the truth, right! :iagree: For me it takes about 3.5 minutes to complete a 700MB 48x CD write (1213s), but what I realise is, that the Lead-in and Lead-out is obviously not written in high-speed mode, costing quite some time before the burner spins up to 48x mode or down to write the Lo. Don’t know why this behaviour is like that? It would (at least) save some 30 seconds when the Li/Lo would be written at full speed. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this?
You make a good point here… :smiley: