Faster burning or no go?

After a little bit of advice please
I’ve bought myself a little computer with:
500 mhz Processor
64 ram
52 speed cd rom and a 32 speed LG rewritter
I’m using windows XP o/s

The quickest I can get the rewritter to copy back ups at is 8 speed using Nero.
Checking nero help files this seems to be confirmed although it does copy a little faster at 12 speed but with drastic buffer underrun using DAO.
Was wondering if there is any way to tweak nero or indeed if any software is available that would burn notably faster.

I’ve asked a friend of mine who says this should be feasable in theory…But is there anything out there
Thanks in advance
:confused: :bigsmile:

Are you burning an image or copying on the fly?

If your burning an image then I’m sure you could go right up to around 24 or even 32 if you have a nice clean system (without loads of crap running in the background) and maybe double the RAM; as long as your burner is on a different IDE interface from your HDD.

On the fly is a different matter of course.

Hello Bilto
Thanks for the reply
Yes I do normally copy on the fly with DAO
Would removing on the fly option speed up up production of a data or audio file.
Apologies for the nieivity I’ve always used the on the fly method on my other computer
Although the more powerful ‘guts’ have never gave me cause to experiment any other way
Many thanks

Well, it’s quite likely that your CD Rom and CD Writer are on the same IDE channel (same ribbon cable). When you are reading from one channel, then you are utilising the whole channel - then you have to write, again utilising the maximum bandwidth of that channel. It’s a horrible way to copy discs.

Of course, you can try putting your CD Rom drive on the primary channel with your hard disk (if it’s not already). That would allow the primary channel to dedicate itself to reading and the secondary channel to maintain a steady flow of data to the writer.

If you insist on using on the fly copying, then you will have to take a look at how your drives are configured. Not only are you slowing things down, you’re introducing the possibility of loads of errors (and buffer-underruns) and all that starting/stopping your drives are doing is putting them under pressure.

I always just copy a CD to an image on the hard disk and then burn the image. It may even be faster to do this!

Don’t forget to put DMA on, it’s a must for high speed burning. Sorry I can’t tell you how as I am not familiar with XP.

Are you trying to copy data or audio cds? If audio, your cdrom may not be able to extract any faster than 8x. Many cdroms can’t.

Thanks for the advise everyone.
yes I am trying to copy audio tracks, but I do have DMA selected.
The more technical stuff I’ll get my mate to check out for me.
Thanks again