Faster amd or move to intel?

OK, intel cpu is faster but more expenzive. I need good processor to edit movies. Currently on amd phenom II x2. I want a better one now. I like amd, so what better to get?

I have about $100 to upgrade, don’t mind if not the fastest cpu, but maybe I can overlock? So best price / speed. If good intel cpu is possible for budget that’s also good.

Which mobo/socket??

In case of AMD I would vote for the Phenom II X4 965 BE actually.

What MB are you using for your current AMD setup; we could look at possible upgrades that will accommodate your board.

I have ASUS M4A77TD PRO 770

What software do you use most? If it is multi-core friendly, a Phenom x6 may give you the biggest boost in speed with your current rig. Have a look here and here for a sense of comparison to x4 and Intel solutions and getting the most bang for your buck. I have an x6 1055t very comfortably OC’d to 3.6 GHz on an 880 board that does very well for me.
If the editing you are doing does not involve much transcoding, a $100.00 128GB SSD used as a working drive may actually give you a bigger speed increase.

I see with new 3770k Intel, the built in video graphics chip process video and multimedia very efficiently. Better than Cuda, with less visual artifacts that Cuda can introduce.

If you can afford, I would recommend Intel 3770k based system for more productive environment.