Fast, would this be a good "mixed bag" of discs or should I change anything?

Ok, first of I want quality discs, but secondly I would like to find out which discs works with the Gamecube even thought they aren’t Ritek G04/G05s. Third it could be find to find out if the less used discs sucks or not.

So this is what I’m thinking about to test in the Gamecube:
Infiniti, MCC 03RG20, 50x £6.99, 16x DVD-R
HP, CMC MAG. AE1, 25x £3.37, 8x DVD-R
Intenso, OPTODISCR16, 25x £4.75, 16x DVD+R
Datasafe, CMC MAG E01, 50x £6.99, 8x DVD+R

The Infiniti MCC 02RG20 are out of stock so I’d have to try MCC 03RG20 instead. I saw some people liked the optodiscr16 and cmc mag e01 but they are only available as weird brands, should I skip them?

== 150 discs

For quality burns (Video & backup):
Verbatim, YUDEN000T03, 25x £5.29, 16x DVD+R
Verbatim, MCC 004, 50x £12.98, 16x DVD+R
Unbranded, YUDEN000T02, 100x £31.62, 8x DVD+R

Here I don’t know what I should order, the T02 are supposed to be a better disc than the T03? 16x would be more convenient thought.

== 175 discs

And this is the discs I would have to skip:
Unbranded, TYG02, 100x £24.32, 8x DVD-R
Infiniti, MCC 02RG20, 50x £8.48, 8x DVD-R

Since I’m not rich as hell and it’s already plenty of discs I guess I’ll skip the TYG02s, also they are DVD-R and I would rather use DVD+R, is this a bad idea/choice or are the T02 and T03 just as good/better?

The Infiniti MCC 02RG20 are out of stock so I would have to wait with these anyway.

== Would be 100-150 discs more, but 325 are plenty already.

Suggestions or should I just order them?

Also should I get the DVR-112D from SVP or get a GSA-H22N here in sweden instead? The later one would cost around £7 more including shipping but that’s not much to argue about…
I’ll get a 20x lite-on for scans to.

Considering the price of the 50 packs of Infiniti MCC03RG20, I personally would just use those in place of the discs you have listed in your ‘quality burns’ category, as they’re very good discs in their own right. CMC AE1 from HP should be good as well, under the Datasafe brand I don’t know how good the E01 discs will be - they are good discs under many brands but I can’t speak for how they’ll end up under that brand. Optodisc R16 can be very good as well, though again I don’t know how they’d be under that particular brand.

K, but for MCC 03RG20 it’s just that I rather use +R in case it’s “better” then -R by design, but yes, they are very cheap. Cheaper than the:
Intenso, OPTODISCR16, 25x £4.75, 16x DVD+R
Datasafe, CMC MAG E01, 50x £6.99, 8x DVD+R

So maybe those are very stupid buys =P

But the optodisc and e01 are only available under those brands (and well, datawrite and ridisc and similair, but they are all as “bad”)

Intenso are the only optodisc, but it’s just 25 pieces so not much of a problem.

CMC MAG E01 is available as Datawrite Titanium, RiDisc, Datasafe and Datawrite Classic. The Datawrite Titanium ones cost the most.

I’d much rather have MCC 02RG20 instead of the two later discs but that’s to late now :/, the optodisc and e01 are only there because I saw they got quite good reviews from some people anyway.

Order done, to late to change anything. If the weird brand ones suck they are still just around 2 sek each so not much of an issue =P

I can throw them at kids from my balcony :smiley:

I also have a mild preference towards +R, but realistically I use almost as much -R and wouldn’t hesitate to use either ‘format’. If the E01 discs were from a known reliable brand then I’d suggest them just as readily as the Infiniti MCC03RG20 discs as E01 can be great, but I don’t think that Datasafe would fall under the category of generally having good media. But then I’m not from Europe and have never personally used them and am only speaking from secondhand experiences I’ve read from others. The HP AE1 discs should be good, but then those are -R as well. Optodisc’s 8x and 16x +R discs can burn incredibly well, but I’ve had some consistency problems with their 8x discs, though the only R16 discs I’ve used burn great. For longterm stability, I’d tend to trust the CMC and MCC discs more than Optodisc’s media, though I can’t say that I’ve actually read of or experienced stability problems with their 8/16x discs.

I’d still say to go with the Infiniti MCC03RG20 for the bulk of your order, and if you’d like to try out some other media then give the HP, Intenso, and Datasafe discs a try.

Well, I ordered exactly what is up there (or well, this

I guess the infinti mcc03rg20 might be ok but I’ll order more discs later when the 02rg20 are available again I suppose, so I can take more of them then. But 1.95 sek / disc is awesome, the T02 are 4.22 instead but even that is nothing so doesn’t make much of a difference / disc, I guess I could use T02s for backups and MCC03RG20s for movies thought.

I hope it wasn’t to bad to get the DVR-112D instead of the GSA-H42N, thought it feels “wrong”. Also I took the oem version of the lh-ah20p1 or whatever it’s called, I hope it can flash to the other version and work just aswell… price difference was 3-4 pounds ;D

Access point, printer cartridges and webcam are gifts for my sister.

I would get any pioneer over an LG. My LGs always scan worse than my Pioneer drives and my pioneer burns always TRT better on my ultra fussy reader. Playback is also perfect on my Pioneer whereas the 4167B has given trouble in the past.

Also, my pioneer always burns discs to an acceptable quality. I am not saying this is not possible but I have not come across a quality disc that my pioneer would not burn acceptably. My H22N and 4167B have made quite a mess of some discs that the pioneer burnt absolutely beautifully, MCC02RG20 and CMC MAG E01 are some of the discs my LGs have raped @ 8x.

I kind of question the point of having my H22N… it’s not really great at anything :expressionless:

BTW, I second what some people have said already, which is that you could just use MCC03RG20 for all your normal stuff. You’re going to be busy with 300+ discs lol but at least you will get a great idea of what works in what dirve @ what speed etc. I must say, the CMC MAG AE1 discs I have burn great in my Pioneer 111L - they should also burn nicely in your 112. They are also cheap, so if you have a good experience with them and you don’t mind the look of them or anything, you should stock up on them since they are great discs IMO, especially for that price :wink:

I don’t have a Gamecube myself, so excuse me if this question is stupid, but can you use 12cm (full-size) DVDs in a Gamecube? I thought they used 8cm mini-DVDs!? :confused:

Ok, glad to hear that but from everyones scans it seems the LG are good aswell (thought I made this table from the reviews:)

PI max, avg, PIF max, avg.

--MCC 004

LG        9 / 0.55 / 2 / 0.00

Pio       9 / 0.59 / 2 / 0.00


LG       35 / 4.90 / 5 / 0.03

Pio      13 / 0.96 / 5 / 0.13 *


LG       19 / 3.82 / 2 / 0.01

Pio       8 / 0.61 / 1 / 0.00 *


LG        9 / 0.99 / 3 / 0.04

Pio      10 / 1.44 / 2 / 0.01      


LG       28 / 4.96 / 2 / 0.02

Pio      10 / 1.15 / 2 / 0.03 *


LG        8 / 0.32 / 2 / 0.00 *

Pio      14 / 2.69 / 2 / 0.00

So I guess both are just fine.

Yeah, maybe MCC03RG20 would be just as good as MCC 004 and YUDENT003 and YUDENT002 for twice the price, but I’ve kind of decided I wanted DVD+R and I wanted to use TY-media so…

I took the MCC03RG20 because MCC02RG20 wasn’t in stock, SVP guessed they would be within a week so I guess I could have made a smaller order than the £200 …

Yeah, evilboy told me about the HP AE1s, and also the MCC02RG20 which I couldn’t get now, we’ll see if they work or not.

The Datasafe and Intenso ones are just for test, but I doubt they will work and they cost the same as MCC03RG20 and AE1 so probably bad buys in comparision.

We’ll see… Btw I haven’t downlo… backed up more or less shit for 2-3 years because of lack of discs and because my friend got a dvd-burner himself to… So I have a lot of catch up to do so the usage will solve itself…

Also I have 100 down/10 up mbps which I never use nowadays, better put it to some use ;/

The original case and drive is for 8cm, but if you remove the top of the case, or cut it, or get a replacement case you can stick 12cm DVDs there, thought the drive can still only use the first 1.35GB.

I have a replacement shell from Hushtrap, it sucks thought so I would suggest just cutting the plastic instead :smiley:

Thanks - that explains it! :flower:

Btw, there was Panasonic made Gamecubes which also worked as DVD movie players if I remember it correctly, maybe you could use the whole discs there?

There are utilities for gamecube mod chips which let you put multiple images on one disc aslong as it’s still under 1.35GB (you do this by removing the crap data from the original copies (all gamecube images are 1.35GB), put it all together with a menu and then fill the new image with more crap data to 1.35GB again.)

Damn Sweeden people have excellent internet connections! And no proper laws to stop them from pirating things like crazy hahaha.

But I read some new article that we where among the people who used least pirated copies, but I guess that was programs and maybe only in companys, also maybe some people didn’t wanted to answer how it really was (maybe we just are the worlds biggest liars? :S)

Anyway, we have the laws, but last I knew how it was the situation was that breaking copyright law could just get you into jail at max 2 years, and we have some secretasy (spelling…) law which makes it impossible to get data from registers from crimes which can’t give more than 2 years of prison, so then it was impossible for anyone to ask the ISP for the owners name of an IP address. They might have changed that now to make it easier for the BSA or whatever to operate.

In the case of the pirate bay it’s just that there haven’t been any trial/result yet, not that I know what sort of crime they commited in the first place since there are no illegal stuff (atleast not all the files which are public on their website…) on their servers and also it was just moved to multiple companies within days so it’s not only run from Sweden nowadays anyway.

I would guess that direct connect might still be the most popular over here thought.

I think we’re getting a bit off-topic here. :wink:

We have a forum more appropriate for discussing legal issues:

Music Download, Peer to Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues