Fast voices

playing a COPIED cd in my pc the music is fine but the vocals run fast and sound like ‘pinky & perky’
can anyone give me any idea as to what is wrong its driving me nuts.
i am a newby by the way
cheers :sad:

I think we need a but more info. … and also think this post is posted in the wrong forum cat. but I`m sure a mod will fix that.

  1. Is the cd copyed from the orginale CD ore it just a burend copy of some mp3s ?
  2. What OS do you use.
  3. What player ( Software ) do you use to play you burned Audio CD.
  4. Does your Burned CD play correct in you Stereo rig ? ore the CD Player in the car ?
  5. What burning app. did you use ? Nero ?

And since your new I recommend that you read the Forum Rules etc.

All that sayed … I welcome you to the CDfreaks Forum and give you a diploma that says that you now are a CD Freak Forum n00b ! :stuck_out_tongue: