Fast Track Controller (RAID)

O.K. here is my problem…I just recently built a computer out with used and misc. parts…My motherboard is an ASUS p4pe…
Everytime I boot up I get this message “No hard drive attached to fast trak controller, the BIOS is not installed.” The thing is, I have no fast track controller…I have already “Fdisk/mbr” several times with no avail…I have looked in the BIOS to mabey disable RAID, but I found nothing… I have switched my master and slave drives and it still comes up…Don’t get me wrong, XP boots up just fine but it takes much longer than my old cpu that has less than half the power… I think it is a jumper on the Mobo, but ASUS has failed to reply… Any ideas???

Your motherboard lists the RAID feature as optional so there is probably a setting somewhere in the BIOS. The system appears to be looking for the RAID controller when it boots so it might be set to boot from the RAID controller instead of from just the standard IDE controller. Check to see that your BIOS is not set to boot from the RAID controller.

Well I did some research and found out that my asus p4pe has an onboard raid controller!!! I downloaded the driver from and plugged my cable in and all is well…

Glad you got it straight.