Fast Sector Skip won't work on a 40125S?

I’ve just started using DiscDump on my Battlefield 1942 CD’s and I’ve noticed something strange from it. Here’s a paste from DiscDump when I start dumping the CD’s:

DDump v1.10 - D(isc)Dump - ©1999-2001 by XiT

Detecting appropriate Read_CD subcommand…

Analyzing SafeDisc CD…

Device 2:0:0 does not support fast sector skip.

Reading TOC & writing CUE sheet…

Startsector: 0
Endsector : 194691

Reading sector: 8926 Status: Recovering: ERROR (4% 4kB/sec 0 jitter)

Don’t LiteOn cd-writers support Fast Sector Skip or am I wrong? If so, are there any drives that support this feature?

Philamber told me a while back that Discdump was not fully completed, making Fast Sector Skip useless with newer drives. I had the exact same problem, so you are not alone. Just use the normal IMAGE reader and it will work, but will take longer. So just wait it out, it will be worth it, will it not?