Fast & Low motion DivX



Ok, what’s the story when using bitrates with these two types of DivX codecs?!
What I mean what is best to choose? When I use the Fastmotion codec (FM) I can choose between 0 and 6000. Is it like that 6000 is the best, but very big?
And when using the Lowmotion code (LM) I can also choose between those lenghts. Here the same thing?!
I’m making DivXies with the Makefilm method, so afterwords I join the FM & LM movie.
On what bitrate does LM look best, that is in LM-scenes!?
And how is this with FM? Does it look best when using highest bitrate?!

Other info: I’ve set keyframes to every frame (=1) and crispness/smoothness to 75% in FlaskMpeg.

Are there people who use the MakeFilm method?!



Like i told you in my previous post ,…you should rip in SBC :slight_smile:

But ok, i will try to explain somethings about MakeFilmTNG …

First of all,the bitrate of the movie depends on the runtime,…you wanna make a 2cd rip from a 90 mins movie ,then i should say , use 1500 LM and 2500 FM , if you wanna make a once 1cd movie then i should pick LM 800 FM 2000 , but also this isn’t very correct you can’t make an perfect avi file that just fits on 1cd (700mb),so if the final avi is something bigger then you can cut some credits of,another important thing is,when you have a fast motion movie (ex. The Matrix) then you should make 2 FM rips ,because most of the movie are fast motion scenes and it’s unusefull then if you make an FM and LM rip.

But when you’re ripping an Low Motion movie, (mostly drama’s or Comedy’s) then you can also make 2 LM movies,and mix them with MakeFilmTNG.

Another usefull thingy from MakeFilmTNG is that you mix the credits in between your movie,first your cut your credits out the movie with VD or ND and then you encode them on a very low bitrate,i always use 128 kbs =) then your credits will look really blocky ,but he who cares ? :slight_smile: And then you fill in the frame where the credits start in MakeFilm and mix them with your LM and FM part.

About you’re keyframe question,use a keyframe interval from 10 ,that’s the standard frame that is used in divx movies,if you go lower,it 's just making your final avi file higher,a keyframe only has one function if after the number of seconds you set there there has been no keyframe inserted by the scene change detection mechanism a keyframe will be inserted. If there is a keyframe inserted by the SCD this counter will be reset.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve just finished Meet Joe Black and it looks very great!!
It’s 1350mb big so fits perfect on 2 cdr’s!
I made the LM @ 604 Kb/s and the FM @ 6000 Kb/s using 1 keyfr. every second.
It was kind of an experiment what the movie would do with that high FM bitrate and I must say that when it goes FM it really looks very good. When people freeze (LM) it also looks OK but I think it could B better! :wink:


Doesn’t that cost a price ?


Originally posted by Mattel007
Doesn’t that cost a price ?

Sorry, what do you mean by that?!


Low motion Codec=stable bitrate, stays closer to set bitrate in control pannel
Overall better quality, set key frames to about every 3sec
Fast motion codec=instable bitrate, varies a lot and depends upon the image that’s being encoded, not the best choice