Fast forward crashes media player




I’ve been using DVD Shrink for years to backup my DVDs. I just downloaded the latest version of DVDFab Platinum to try to backup my DVD9 onto 2 DVDs (with menu). When I try to fast forward on the 2nd DVD, media player crashes. Is this a bug?


Hi Back At Ya,
Is that when you fast forward or, advance chapters?
Anyhow, Did you save it on your HDD? If so, can you View it on your PC from that file (disc 2)?


Fast forward. I didn’t try to advance chapters, but I’ll check it and get back. I saved it to an ISO and then mounted it using virtual daemon. The second DVD would cause media player to hang when fast forwarding.


Hi dvdmonster
OK you used DVDFab Platinum to split the movie, why didn’t you use it also to burn to the disc :confused:


Yup, wondered the same myself.
I haven’t really used the split function in more than a year…except to experiment with…nope no bug that I’ve seen or that’s been reported.
As Ron said, you can check the integrity of the rip by viewing off the hdd.
Still, it’s much easier just to do the whole process within Fab.


I didn’t burn because I wanted to make sure that it would play properly before I burned it and save a blank if there were any problems. Just to confirm I burned it and the same thing happened… it would start playing but hang if I tried to fast forward it. Just to make sure it wasn’t a bad split I also split it a couple of times to be sure.


(Defragment often) Have you tried playing disc two in any other program than media player? Can you revert back to any other versions of Fab such as If you don’t have it you may still be able to obtain it from first read thread in page one of this forum. For test burns you might try using RW discs if you have any to save your blanks.


Hi dvdmonster
Please do me a favor :doh: make another backup copy of the same movie, I don’t know what the writing speed you used during the burn so what I want you to do is set the write speed to 4x in common settings.
Sometimes when you burn to fast you can have some problems during playback, you can even have a problem with menus not working.
To give an idea what I’m talking about PLEASE read “THE BURNING FACTOR” at the top of my signature has very good tips that may help you. also don’t have any programs running in the background during the burning process

PS…After you make another backup of the same movie by writing at a slower speed post the results thank you


I don’t see how the speed of my burning is an issue, since making it to ISO and then mounting it as a virtual drive should be an optimal burn, but I’ll give it a shot. Same thing with defragging. I’ll try reverting to an older version too.

Oh and I did some more testing with different media players.

With Windows Media Player. It hangs if I try to fast forward.

With Nero Showtime, I can go through the chapters but if I try to fast forward, it restarts it to the beginning. Also if I try to go to a scene that’s on the first DVD, I would see the menu that says to insert Disc 1 flash for a split second and then restarts to the beginning.


The write speed was just a thought, I was not aware you had used [B]ISO and then mounting it as a virtual drive [/B] as the process and also did not know it was WMP that you was using .
So my suggestion may not work


Hi dvdmonster
PLEASE do not get mad or upset about my question OK :doh:

I just been going over some of your other posts on this issue in another section of CD Freaks it seems that you have tried 4 or 5 other programs that can’t do what you want, I will not say the names of these programs because you already know what they are.
Since you are having the trouble or issue by using the ISO image have you tried just doing the process by using the normal VIDEO_TS Folder like most people do and not with the ISO Image File


Hey StormJumper,

I appreciate your help. I’m not mad at you. Sorry if I sounded that way. I’m just frustrated at how I cannot get this seemingly basic feature to work properly… Not only with Fab but other tools as well.

All I want is to be able to split a DVD onto 2 DVD without compression with complete menus so that if I select something that’s on the other DVD it will prompt me to insert that DVD. Seems like Fab should be able to do the job.


Hi dvdmonster
OK if you don’t want to compress did you selete DVD9 at the bottom of the main screen of DVDFab :confused: that will allow you to do a backup without compression, and of course you will have to use a DVD9 (Double Layer) Disc you can use Full Disc Mode or you can use Clone Mode and everything will be on one disc and no compression