Fast Food Using Chemical Found in Rubber Products



Fast food use chemical found in rubber products


I call bullshit on the sensationalist comparison.

“Milk filled with chemical used in nuclear reactors!!!”

Sounds dangerous doesn’t it?

The chemical is known as dihydrogenmonoxide.

Still sounds dangerous?

The chemical also “used in nuclear reactors” is… water.

A substance may well be problematic but NOT because it’s also found or used in something else that’s dangerous.


I agree with Drage, I remember a campaign years ago that Jane Fonda got involved in about pesticide residues on the skins of peaches.

The pesticide was banned due to public outcry and the quality of the fruit went downhill rapidly yet the same chemical is present naturally in mushrooms at fifty times the concentration found on the peaches. :rolleyes:



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So they mean E927? :slight_smile:

The United States and Canada permit the use of azodicarbonamide at levels up to 45 ppm. In Australia and Europe the use of azodicarbonamide as a food additive is banned.

The World Health Organization has linked azodicarbonamide to “respiratory issues, allergies and asthma” for individuals at workplaces where azodicarbonamide is manufactured or handled in raw form.

Raw form people… RAW FORM… which is Yellow to orange/red crystalline powder.


Sounds like a big due over nothings, like the old saying you’ll eat a pound of dirt before you die.
Maybe we will be preserved for a hundred year with all the preservatives we consume.


[QUOTE=marloyd;2721584]Sounds like a big due over nothings, like the old saying you’ll eat a pound of dirt before you die.
Maybe we will be preserved for a hundred year with all the preservatives we consume.[/QUOTE]

Hey, that’s an idea :wink: :bow:


We consume so much processed food that it is hard to say what the real effect might be. IMO, what might be harmless to one person is harmful to another. My wife and I cut out all processed foods, dairy, and refined flour from our diet last summer. The improvement in how we felt was gradual but after three weeks we both noticed a marked change. Now on the rare occasion when we eat off our diet the next day we feel like we have a low grade hangover.

There are so many chemicals the average person consumes on a daily basis, and for years and years, that the “cocktail” of them is what takes its toll on the body, IMO.


During the days of the British empire some wit actually sat down and calculated
how much camel dung a British soldier would injest & Inhale each year they were stationed in Egypt.

conversely some genius entymologist in the American mid-west advocated INTRODUCING several species of predatory insects to grain storage silos
to eat all the grain eating bugs (Weavel beetles and miller moth larva)

An insect equivalent of the ancient Egyptian method of having cats
guard the grain against mice and rats.

By this guys research it was determined that the quantity of bugs the average person would eat in the normal course of business would drop by 75%…

But the FDA had a holy conniption over the very idea of ADDING insects to the food stream. even though the predatory insects being introduced could easily be separated from the grain when the grain was being moved (Eggs, larvae and adults of the species they were to fight against could not be separated)

Alarmism generally goes hand in hand with ignorance.

It’s like the outcry over something the media dubbed "pink slime"
in ground meat products last year, which is a natural consequence
of meat being ground. The “Slime” is just more finely ground than the rest

Listening to the news media you would have gotten the idea that
this “pink slime” was part of some alien plot to poison everyone
by masterbating into meat processing equipment, rather than a natural consequence of running meat through industrial grinders.

And Oh yeah, that Di-hydrogen Monoxide stuff is dangerous, many people
die each year from inhaling it… and it must be carcinogenic to because tumors are ~75% Di-hydrogen Monoxide…

The world would be a far better place if “slapping the stupid” out of people were not only allowed but encouraged.

And even if “slapping the stupid” out of people didn’t work it might make me feel better about having to deal with all the ignorant alarmists.

Just for jollies look at all the people who are concerned about wheat gluten… not understanding that only people with Celiac disease, who are in effect allergic to Gluten that have to worry.

Should we ban peanut cultivation because of the small percentage of people with nut allergies? (who are in most cases actually allergic to a toxin that is made by an otherwise harmless fungus that is endemic to most processed nuts?)