Fast Error Skip Liteon 32123s

I’m sorry if i am maybe raking over old ground but i have tried to search for the answer to this question in here without any result everytime i try to select FES on writer it says my hardware isnt supported but i am sure i have seen posts that suggest it is possible i am just wondering whether i doing something wrong please don’t flame i am new to this and if someone can point me in the right direction i would be most appreciative.
I am using the latest downloadable clonecd and latest XSOU firmware for the liteon whether this helps at all i dunno :slight_smile:

thanks in advance


We are not flaming people around here…and if someone do: Just inform me and I’ll take action.

You probably tried to select software FES and Not hardware FES. Try to select Hardware FES and it shold be nice. The Lite-On do not support software FES.

Sorry i didnt mean to say the wrong thing its just force of habit i’m afraid thanks for your response