Fast/easy way to detect forced subtitles?

These days I find I don’t have as much time as I used to, so when I want to copy a movie, I want it to be done, well, fast. I also can’t stand the damned animated menus, warnings, “trailers”, prohibited user operations, etc. I just want to watch the movie, and only the movie.

I usually use DVD-Rebuilder/CCE in “movie only” mode. It’s easy without compromising quality for most movies. Unfortunately DVD-RB seems oblivious to forced subtitles in movie-only mode. I know an easy workaround for it, but the problem is finding out whether the movie actually has the forced subtitles. It sucks to find out when watching the movie on Friday night with the girlfriend, you know?

My goal is to find a way to quickly identify forced subtitles. Correct me if I’m wrong but there are two types: actual “forced” subtitles contained within a subtitle stream; and a separate subtitle stream just for the forced subs.

I’d prefer a tool that can check all the streams at once in one pass, and batch capability would be a big plus… but I don’t know of any such beast. Is there any way to get this sort of functionality with more versatile tools?

Thanks in advance.

As much as I hate to answer my own questions…

DVDSubedit seems to work great for this purpose. But it doesn’t make using forced subs with DVDRebuilder any easier.

“This debate is over.” LOL. Actually, though, I’d love to hear any tips or suggestions on handling these mysterious forced subtitles.

I’m not sure what you want to do, but in DVDSubEdit you can turn them from forced to not forced very easily. (change the start command and save).
Is that not what you want to do?

Well I’ll be! What I wanted was a fast and easy way to detect forced subtitles for backing up DVDs [since most backup programs don’t know how to handle forced subtitles].

DVDSubEdit does it very well and very quickly. Great app!


Can you guys tell me if I have a movie with 3 english subtitles and I only want the forced one. I think that is when theres an english movie and someone speaks german or whatever.

How do I use DVDSubEdit to show me which one I should choose.

I am converting dvd to avi.


Find the smallest (in size) English one. DVD Shrink can show you.


Hi and thank you so much.

Can this program copy the main movie only?


[QUOTE=maid;2038836]Hi and thank you so much.

Can this program copy the main movie only?


DVDShrink? Yes, just use the re-author feature and pick the main movie. You can also edit out any unwanted audio and subtitles with compression settings feature.

[QUOTE=blutach;2038430]Find the smallest (in size) English one. DVD Shrink can show you.


Hey I like that one! :cool:

Great piece of lateral thinking.


I luck out sometimes Wombler :smiley: