Fast click shit



Is it my computer? Or is it a new link option from the forum?

I keep getting those “” pop-up shit! :(:frowning:

I H A T E T H I S F E A T U R E ! !


Nope none here must be something wrong with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… Just ran Ad-aware before I posted this… May be I should check with an other program then…


OSX, Safari, Pith Helmet. Aah, trouble-free, advertisement-free Web smurfing. :smiley:


It’s a “nice feature” that specific url’s on the cdfreaks vbulleting software is injected with an url.

It’s SO nice, that my pop up blocker now blocks almost EVERY url in a forum message and i get to re-edit the original url.

I guess it’s a new way to generate income. Tough luck, because i’m blocking everything by fastclick.


I’ve been getting them aswell, dam annoying.


Oops, I forgot to add a conditional to not show this to registered members. It has always been our policy to not ‘over advertise’ those who contribute to the forum. It should be fixed now. Unfortunately many people block ads and this will mean that webmasters will only come with even more annoying ads, I’ve already seen many examples of that but we will keep them away as long as possible!


Thanks! :slight_smile: