Fast CD Ripper 0.95 released

I just posted the article Fast CD Ripper 0.95 released.

kot used our newssubmit to tell us that LitexMedia has released Fast CD Ripper 0.95 today. Fast CD Ripper is an utility to rip your CD’s and convert it to a variety of most popular compressed audio…

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Best Ripper is EAC. Only thing I dont like about it is the really bad GUI. Give it a simple easy GUI and it’d be unbeatable. A GUI along the lines of RazorLame for instance :slight_smile:

Does anyone remember a post on here ages ago?? It was about some software for organising your music files. I remember reading about it ages ago but forgot what it was. It looked alright and I am currently looking for some good software to keep track of and organise all my mp3’s with. THANKS

I use MPEG Audio Collection (

does anyone remember an utilite for checking the quality of your mp3 it began with enco not Ashampoo that froze my computer this one was based on the encorder that was used when you first rip the cd

Not sure about the organizer, I use Tag&rename… The tool for checking MP3 quality is Encspot and can be found here

t57 the program you are after is EncSpot

Seems I didn’t read the last post fully.