Fast CD/DVD ripping drives?

I have a samsung 183 right now and its slow as anything when ripping… SLOOOOW. It starts ripping a cd at 6x and tops out at 12x. I have most of my CD collection still not ripped into my computer so going through hundreds of albums at these speeds is excruciating.

Any suggestions? My samsung seems a good burner but its the slowest ripper I ever had… If I could only find my old NEC 3500a…

LiteOn or Sony/NEC/Optiarc would be my recommendations.

I have both, and a Sammy also - while the Sammy (182D) is an excellent reader, it’s not the fastest.

BTW, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

thanks. I’ve been a longtime reader but never posted, and as I just found out today, never even joined haha