Fast BD-RE DL writer

Are there any BD-RE DL burners already that can re-write faster then 2x??

ps. I am NOT talking about burning BD-R, BD-R DL or BD-RE SL but a BD-RE DL.

As far as i know, they are stuck at 2x :frowning:

Exactly, more than 2x is even useless because there is no faster rated media!!

“Fastest” one that I had was LG BH10LS30, it actually can burn RE media with 2.4x speed.

Bug or feature?!?

[QUOTE=chef;2715085]Bug or feature?!?[/QUOTE]

Doesnt make any difference to me, and as long as we are stuck at 2x there isnt anything good to say about BD -RE.
We need speed 4x or 6x if that is possible and also if they want to spent the extra money on research.

I can’t say is it bug, but even if it is bug, it’s never fixed with any firmware. Drive really burns at 2.4x speed.
One interesting thing: 2 of my 3 BD-RE discs which were burned at 2.4x were unreadable on my next BluRay burner (LG BP40NS20). It reads them as blanks.
When I put them back to BH10LS30, it reads them normally. I reuse these BD-RE later on my next burner.