Fast Batch File Copy from CDs to External HDD



Fast Batch File Copy from CDs to External HDD

I have a whole bunch of data and stuff in “huge number” of old CDs. I want to consolidate them into 2 or 3 1Tb HDDs.

I could go into Windows Explorer and do the drag & drop / Copy / Paste thing. A couple of issues. Windows Explorer is SLOW, and the STATUS it shows when copying files is not REAL. I’d like a REAL percentage status showing copier.

Something that helps me spend the least amount of time, attention on making this happen. Minimum Intervention.

Ideally it would be a program / app that does the following:
1 - Does fast copying
2 - Automatically creates new folders in a specified location as it copies & places the content of the next CD
3 - Prior to copying it asks what MODE the CD needs to be backed up >
ISO, Simple File Copy, Audio (Raw / mp3), “Name the Folder”.
4 - Copies showing REAL status and REAL (estimated) time left until this one is complete
5- Once completed with one CD / Disk
> It NOTIFIES with Visual / Sound clue
> EJECTS the Disk
> Prompts again for next disk
> Asks same “WHAT KIND OF COPY” question for the next disk.
> Does this until all Disks are backed up - Like a BATCH of them are done.

BONUS: Does some kind of Cataloging as it copies. Maybe asks for Categories / Labels / Tags.

Thanks. Please do advise if you know any apps that do similar or partial functionality that I have requested.


The CDs could be Data, Audio, Bootables.


You could try Roxio 10 for creating a backup. As far as uploading the cd’ss to HDD. Just use the rip feature in the windows media player 11 and if your on line it will auto load thumbnail and album/artist/song info in a flash. Well 70 minutes would take about 4-5 minutes and it is easy too.


Perhaps a combination of ImgBurn (in read mode) and Daemon tools (to deal with the resulting ISO files)?


The “huge number” is how much?