Fast and Furious Sucessful

:bigsmile: in 10 minutes & 49 seconds. 7335 MBs. in 10 minutes & 34 seconds. 7335 MBs.

I was actually just doing this for my own information, but something cropped up. Using another ripper, which I will not mention out of respect for the Forum I am in. Ripping time, 12 minutes & 13 seconds, including clean up, 14 minutes & 40 seconds, but sees the full dvd as 7678 MBs.

Hi beef,

If PathPlayer is enabled, DVDFab can remove all un-used content, so the output size may be smaller.

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That would be it then. Thank you for the quick explanation. Oops, sorry you said the output, this was at the start before beginning to rip or is that what you meant? I just checked all three files now on the hard drive & they are all the same size, 7.16 GBs. So they might have started showing different sizes, but all came out the same size.