Fast and big SD/MCC/CF memory cards



I found a Transcend ad of 2GB “150x” MMC memory card. Not sure about its price but must be near US$200. It writes at about 15MB/s and reads at 23MB/s (of course maximum.) Can you find better ones (whether cheaper, faster, or larger)? Panasonic SD memory cards of the latest generation seem to be just as fast.

Guess CF is slower…


CF can’t be too slow compared to SD or MMC unless the chip makers don’t supply fast chips to CF card makers.

by Andrey Kuznetcov

[ 11/03/2004 | 02:05 PM ]

A bit old. Panasonic of Matsushita only recently released their 20MB/s SD cards. Maybe it’s a bit faster or slower than 20MB/s but it’s surely much faster than any of the several SD cards I’ve had. That Transcend 150x MMC memory cards aren’t for sale yet either in South Korea though the importer started a while ago advertising them.


Nice 1GB 150x SD card, just for a little under US$75.