Farts ;-)


(post your favourite if unlisted)

whose farts, mine or somebody elses?

your farts. presumably. :wink:

i voted for Silent + Deadly, but on second thought i think that Deep thunderous exclamation could have been a better pick… damn! :frowning:
:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is slayerking :slight_smile:

Originally posted by dansmug
Where is slayerking :slight_smile:
Yeah lets ask the expert … :bigsmile:

i choose them all as they all have their advantages.:bigsmile:

ps. cant vote though no all of the above option :eek:

All of them of course!!!


Hmm, wanted to write something, but since this is a thread about farts I will just…

/me loudly farts

this thread stinks :bigsmile:

I choose … I dunno…love them all :smiley:

but only mine :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ofcourse.

OK the deep one it is, that’s the one that gives such a great relieve though it’s very often a stink-bomb :cool: