Farstone GameDrive

Has anyone used this program? It’s a virtual CD program ala Daemon, but it’s supposed to have the best copy protection support. Heck, on the box I saw at my local retailer it showed a CD image of UT2003. :o

If it’s true this program can read proper images of it, perhaps maybe someone could create a plugin for Nero/CloneCD to write these images so maybe we could defeat this new SecuROM protection?

Edit - here’s a link to the software GameDrive

Sounds cool, I’ll check it out.

Best Buy is currently promoting “GameDrive” for $19.99, so I purchased a copy of it.

It can NOT yet produce any image of games created with Securom v. 4.8, like “UT 2003”.

I emailed them about this concern, and they are currently working on cracking this new protection.

The only emulation software that has so far defeated the new Securom protection is Alcohol 120% which is in beta, but will be released sometime next week.

See the following link for updates and information:


Yeah, I found this out myself. In the meantime, Farstone shouldn’t be advertising on their box that the game works with UT2003. There’s a picture on the box of an image of that game so that implies it works. Bit of false advertising I’d say. :eek: