Alright I cannot get farcry to burn for the life of me. I have the newest version of A120 and i have possibly 4 “2sheep” burners and none of them will do the job. here is the list of my burners
plex prieum
Lite-On 52327S
Lite-On LTC-48161H
Toshiba SD-R5002

I have used bypass EFM and that did now work… what is the problem here??.. i have attempted to burn it countless times with all burners
Any ideas?

Or tell me the name of a burner that you are 100% sure that will burn the new safedisk v3

Best bet is to read the disc with cloneCD (can download a free trial version) and write to disc with Alcohol with one of the liteon drives, using virus2K’s method posted here:


It seems to be the most reliable method for backing up latest safedisc 3 titles.

Both of your liteon drives are “2 sheep burners” just make sure you have the latest firmware for them. Bypass EFM error should not be needed with these drives.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks much for the help and advice

hmm i tried all his steps and each failed

is there anyone out there that has an IM that can help me… i cant take this anymore… i bought every peice of hardware to do this and it still remains impossible … if u have an IM please PM me or leave it in this post

Does your original work?

yes it does

I wanna get a burner or set of burners that will do this … i will pay for the hw thats np

The latest Asus burners are great for safedisc 3 protections, and cheap too! But you must realise that there is no guarentee that any particular burner will be able to backup safedisc 3.2

Out of interest, what are your pc’s specs klaxx? Even things such as the IDE driver used (particularly problematic with nforce systems) can cause the burning process not to work. I would have thought that at least one of your drives should be capable of backing up safedisc 3!

I have 2 dells *:-* which are both identical… 2.4 ghz 512 mb ram winxp w/ sp1
Both of them do have Nero installed…
erm i cant really think of anything else its about 4am and im about to goto work…

… no resonds…?