farCry to dvd/need help



i’m a newbie here
i’ve searched and found something on farcry to dvd but i’m having no luck
i’ve got a dvd and cd version
i’ve tried the replace files trick but no go
i replaced the dvd version files with my cd files no go
the dvd version has a bad spot on the disc which stops it from working cause it cant read the data3.cab file
so now i’m trying to use my cd version
to remake the dvd well please advise
on how the dog can do this.
i’m basically stumped on what exact files
i need from the dvd and cd version’s
to compile it to one dvd
p.s. if help cant be posted here how bout a email to help the old dog out on this matter thankx


IF I understand you correctly you would like to put Far Cry(SafeDisc 3.20) onto a DVD from the CD version or the DVD version, which you also have. Sorry to say, but it is very very hard (if not impossible) to do this at the moment.


well i’m trying to replace the dvd version
with the cd version (safe disc crap)
or a way to fix my dvd version:bow:
but it’s useless cause i can not read or
copy the dvd cause the data3.cabfile
disc is damaged when trying to back it up
it cannot read this file .
i’ve even tried to polish the disc to repair
it but no go
it’s kinda hard to find a replacement file
well please advise on how the ole dog can solve this problem:bow:



well is it possible for someone
to guide me on trying to fix my game or where i could get
a UK data3.cab file ( dvd version) from farcry
please advise


no not at the moment sorry