FarCry help

I have read all the posts regarding safedisk/farcry. I am using Clony XXL V2.0.0.6 and CloneCD V3.3.4.1. My Toshiba combo dirve has successfully made backups of Halo and MOHAA with this software using, Hide CDR Media. Is there any way this software will work on FarCry?? The opening screen freezes, as described by others. I am fairly new to this process and any help would be appreciated.

I had a lot of problems getting this game working for a friend and it turns out it was Video card drivers. You may want to uninstall what you have and then install the newest even if you have the newest already. He had an ATI video card. Good luck.
Also before someone ask it was only this game having the problem other games worked fine.

Gforce card is up to date. Backups of Halo and MOHAA work fine.

Game itself patched to 1.31?


Sorry VirusHack, I don’t understand the question.

What version of the game are you running? 1.31 is latest I think.


I am running FarCry V1.1.0.1230

So are you trying to play off a back-up or the org disk? Also look here and see if any of those help.


I installed with the originals and am attempting to play with the backup.

Does it play with the original?

i haven’t been able to write a playable backup of my farcry disc 1 yet…think you need emulation in place. see here : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96383&highlight=cry+backup

The original plays fine.