FarCry emulation/installation issue

I finally got the FarCry dvd iso image downloaded. It is approximately 3.45gb. I am using the latest version of Alcohol 120% to mount this image. The first time I downloaded this file it was corrupt but finally i have a working image and when I mount the image using alcohol the autoplay menu appears. When I click installation I see a command window come up briefly with the title setup and then boom nothing happens. In order to see the error message I opened a new command window, went into the virtual drive and typed setup.exe the error returned was not enough memory on disk. This can not be referring to my hard drive or ram as i have 1 gig ram and 80 gigs of actual disk space. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also i will be posting the actual error message word for word later on today.


so no one will help you with your problem here…

Welcome to the forum… :wink:

Its not illegal I own the freakin game, but left it at home im at school right now 3 states away from the cd set.

d-loading another copy is ILLEGAL :cop:

it depends where he lives, if he owns the original in some places it is legal to download a backup copy.

however my first thought is that the copy he downloaded is fake, thats why the cmd windows flashes up. i doubt it will work, sorry.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. even though d/ling a backup copy may be legal whee you live, it isnt discussed on the forums here :cop:

I wonder what the :cop: smiley is hiding under the hat, but that’s just me.

@ Ben:

I finally got the FarCry dvd iso


right now 3 states away from the cd set.


ok, enought about that… :wink:

Agreed. Thread closed. :cop: