FarCry Backup



I’m trying to backup the 5 cds of farcry, but I insert CD1 and try to create an image (so that then I can burn all 5 of them to a dvd) with alcohol120 and cdrwin but it’ll stop at the beggining and the creation will be cancelled… any help, please???


now I tried clony xxl w/alcoholer. selected alohol 120 to burn but went REALLY slow, so I tried clonecd, and it says it goes as slow, but it doesn’t. time doesn’t lie xD. any help please!!


I think clone cd works but has anyone made images w/ this game? how did they turn out?


with clonecd the cd creation stopped at 45% and the image didn’t work well, can someone please help me???


with Alcohol under Options-Log Files you can make Alcohol create a Log of the Dump send this to support_team@alcohol-soft.com so that we can see what is causing the problem.


As I remember you can not have any emulation software enabled after you burn this game so check your settings,send robbo your log .


I had all emulations OFF
Anyway, I have it now, here’s what I did:
I used clony xxl with alcoholer with clonecd and made a bunch of images. One of them turned out to work, so I kept it. The other 4 cds had no protection, so I just made the image with clonecd only. Then I burnt them to a DVD and in the DVD I also put the NOCD patch, the sd4hide, and the daemontools & alcohol software. Works fine ;):wink: Although I’d like to have it 100% operational, so I’ll send robbo the log (there’s like a read error every second, and it takes VERY longo). Thanks!!!