Far Cry on PC, help please?



Im at the fourth or so level, ‘research’ level. I’ve just got the key card and entered the cave part. Up in the little hut earlier I saw a torch on the table, a little icon came up above my amo status of the torch with an x on it, how come I cant pick up the torch?? I know how to throw grenades, cycle grenades, weapons, drop/swap weapons, but i dont understand how to pick up other items like other binocs that i see around or this torch. Please help.




Cheers man.


Hey greg,
Just loaded Far Cry…looks awesome. So far just moving over the item loads it…but I’m sure you already know this, just as I’m sure you’ve been to a few guides/boards. When I get to the 4th level, I’ll post back with any tips. In the meantime, a couple more sites to add to above:



ive been using this as a guide so far :wink: lol, its not cheating its preventing a migrane from spending an hour on something that takes an experienced gamer 10 mins :bigsmile:

Oh and heres a screenie; 1024 x 1024 bliss :slight_smile:


I was also wondering on how to release the boat from the chains? I’m having some problems with this… Can you guys help me out on how to get the boat off of the chains so I can drive it??

Please provide me with full detailed information on how to do this…?



shoot the chains, and the boat will fall in the water.


Okay, Thanks