Far cry image too big to burn to dvd!

what is going on here. i am trying to make a backup copy of far cry and not succeeding. i’ve read the instructions on this forum (good forum by the way) but i still have a problem.

i have the “pc gamer / mastertronic” version of far cry and in both blindwrite and alcohol when i try to burn my image to a memorex 4.7 gig dvd+r it is too big!

can someone tell me why.


Perhaps is Far Cry on a Double Layer disc (might be bigger than 4.7 gig). So you have to burn it onto a double layer recordable as well.

no. not double layer. the disc is 4.45 gig

Have you tried another burner or another recordable brand?

i have 2 burners. a sony and a plextor, and i’ve tried both.

but i only have the memorex dvds at the moment

You can try others like Verbatim.