FAQ for burning SecuROM, SafeDisc2, etc?

Does an FAQ exist for this?

I know that all the data required for this exists in this forum, or not too far away, but I’m the type that likes having everything on one page - a quick-reference, if you will.

I’m also not a technical writer, which is why I haven’t compiled the info and written one myself.

Has anyone been gracious enough to have taken the time to do so?

I’m thinking this would be a real boon to a lot of people, as well as a quick point of reference for all the “How do I?” questions - instead of referring to the search feature, a quick link to the FAQ would be a great addition to the already great CloneCD FAQ already in existance.

This FAQ exists for Alcohol 120% but the copy settings are similiar so maybe You’ll check it up. Go to Alcohol forums or FileForums.

Notice, however, that I’m posting this on the CloneCD forum…

I have nothing against Alcohol, but I have purchased CloneCD, and wish to use it.

That, and I’d like to see any such FAQ address ALL of the popular methods for making successful backups - using any application.

You don’t need a faq to tell you how to back up securom and safedisc protected cds with clonecd.

Just use the game cd profile which will work for safedisc and for securom up to 4.77 or thereabouts (The Thing).

Clonecd, however, can’t successfully copy cds protected with later versions of securom without extra assistance from blachcheck’s twinpeak tool and blindwrite’s bwa builder.

Oh, and read the CloneCD faq and for fairly comprehensive instructions on how to copy safedisc cds with other software, see here.