FAO: TheDuke


Just a quick suggestion about the forum posting page. I don’t know about anone else but on my screen the main message box is only
about 45 characters across.

This hasn’t really bothered me until just now when I was posting a reply in the ‘Development’ forum. I was trying to post some html & javascript code but because of the length of the message box I kept getting the formatting all wrong! Eventually, I resigned myself to writing the post in notepad and then pasting it into the message box.

I was just wondering whether it would be possible to extend this box. I realise that you have to cater for many different screen resolutions and I don’t know what your spread is like (on my sites most visitors have been using 800x600+ for 96% traffic) but at the moment it’s like trying to write on a postage stamp !

Anyway, see ya!


i didn’t create this forum, but the people at http://www.ultimatebb.com did this… and they probably have a better view of the overall situation about how large the message box should be… if they aren’t gonna change it… neither will i…