FantomCD adds SD2 special features

I just posted the article FantomCD adds SD2 special features….

The latest Fantom CD version adds two interesting new features that will make your personal backups even easier:

  1. Added “Rectify the Sub-Channel Data” for RAW DAO recording mode.
  2. Added…
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Oh, look! It’s the new version of CloneCD! No, I mean FantomCD… :wink: damn copycats, he he

This feature will allow all recorders to backup discs with SD2 (SafeDisc 2) protection.
I seriously doubt that…

I hope it is true. At this moment, clonecd is the only program that allows me to copy Safedisk v2 perfectly with my plexi 12x :4

Doesn’t BetaBlocker with CloneCD work as well?

Chronic your a :+ since when has clone been a virtual drive program, you mean that maybe clone should start following Fantom CD and CD Mate :slight_smile: Oh for US and UK users there is a patch available to bypass the SD2 problem on the

Can you please tell me where ca i download phantom CD program? :wink:

<b>Fantom CD</b> Version [1.1.7 Build 1128] <BR>(Released: 11/28/2001) <BR> <BR>NOTE: <BR>This patch is only for Fantom CD 1.1.7 Build 1117. You must have version already installed. <BR>(Delete the older fcdm.exe and replace it with this one.) <BR> <BR><b>New Features</b> <BR>1. Added “<B>Don’t close the last session of current disc</B>” option. <BR>2. Added “<B>Rectify the Sub-Channel Data</B>” for RAW DAO recording mode. <BR>3. Added “<B>Bypass EFM Error</B>”. (This feature will allow all recorders to backup discs with SD2 (SafeDisc 2) protection.) <BR><b><font color=“RED”>This option will NOT be available in US or UK versions.</font></b> (This is due to current Copyright laws). <BR>4. “Burning Wizard” now has “<B>datatype</B>” feature. Allows easier option selection by the user. <BR> <BR><b>Problems Fixed</b> <BR>1. Fixed minor bugs from previous version. <BR>2. Adjusted the performance of multi-recording. <BR> <BR><b>Download Fantom CD 1.1.7 build 1128 (patch file only) </b> <BR>Main Site : [<a href=“”>Download Here</a>] <BR>Mirror Site : [<a href=“”>Download Here</a>] offered by <a href=“” target="_blank">Bob Hindal </a> <BR>Mirror Site : [<a href=“”>Download Here</a>] offered by <a href=“” target="_blank"></a> <BR></span></font></tt><p> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table>

Go to alternative download for Fantom CD, host a mirror if love this program. Thanks. We’re adding faster connections. please use this one, somebody delete the last post please. I’m sorry.