Fantom CD won't play Audio in Game from Image

Hey folks,

Need some advice here…

Anybody know FantomCD? I tried to play Tomb Raider 2 from a CCD image, plays fine except the audio tracks won’t play (there is no music but the sound efects work fine). Tried all kinds of different settings, still no go. I can play the audio fine when I open CD Player and select the Fantom virtual drive, so clearly the sound tracks are fine. What could it be?!

Any help would be appreciated…

-1- Try Dtool

-2- Try another CD to check if you experiment always this problem - some cd cannot be played from an image with coorect sound .

-3- Try to select WDM option if your sound card is compatible

Olivier, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

What is DTool? I will try your other suggestion as well (WDM). As for other CDs, TR3 and TR4 work fine, but their audio tracks are not in CDA format (they are not recorded in Audio CD format).

What is DTool?

i think he means daemon tools dude