Fantom CD burning tool

I just download Fantom CD 1.2, and it’s seems that I can’t burn at more than 32x. Strange because I have a 40x blank cd and my drive is a 40125w o/c to 48125w, and it’s work fine in nero(I got errors on cds when burnt at 48x but that’s probably the blank cd that doesn’t support that speed -verbatim 24x-)…
Does anyone ever had the same problem ?

I too use Fantom CD.

I convert DVD’s to SVCD with chapters through DVD2SVCD.
My Bin/Cue files are 800mb in size.

I use Fantom CD at 32x to burn all the time. Time is 3mins 18secs
I have no problems with any burns on all media. No fails.

I still wonder why people would burn at 40x & 48x.

It is only 8 seconds faster with my 40x Liteon.

All i see all over the forums is people getting errors & problems with above 32x writing speeds.

To me the most important thing is to have reliable copies every single time.
Even if my burner could burn a full CD in 1 minute, But sometimes have errors, then that is a waiste of time to me.