Fantastic results: ProdiscS03 @ 812S!

There is my result of writing ProdiscS03 4x DVD-R media (branded as Fujifilm)at Lite-On 812S. Very impressive, imho. Better then my TY scans, and for so cheap media. :wink:

But the whole history is much more interesting. :wink: I bought 3 packs (10 discs each) of this Fujifilm. But I can’t write this discs w/o errors at my Teac DV-W58G-A! Resulting discs ALWAYS was unreadable at the end (writed @4x and @2x) And @4x speed Nero even failed to start data verification! (“Can’t mount…”). Though first 90% of disc at Kprobe scans was good enough, but last 10% was terrible!
Then I upgraded firmware from TEAC’s native to Lite-On USN0 - and thats the result! I only hope that I can write the other discs with same result. :wink:

(sorry for my english ^_^)

That little block of higher errors looks like what someone would see in a scan that was done with “realtime chart” (bad idea) and minimizing KP.

Anyway, it looks like Prodisc’s cleaned up their act lately (I remember a few weeks ago, someone e-mailed me a very nice-looking scan of a Prodisc -R on a 812S). Their +R is certainly doing well on the LiteOn drives. :wink:

I hope you’re being sarcastic.

that scan surely looks like disc specific problem…

Hehe, okay, I’ll change that to their 4x +R from that particular dealer seems to be doing well. :wink: I decided to get the Prodiscs after seeing numerous posts in the media forum about how good the 4x +Rs were doing in all sorts of drives. However, they were also accompanied by posts saying how bad the 8x +Rs were and how the 4x +Rs actually made better 8x discs than the 8x +Rs…