Fans, artists and industry: Nobody's rockin'

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looser used our newssubmit to tell us that has an article about the current music industry, they noted the drop in sales, but give several things to blame.

One of them might be…

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RIAA produced “music” is shitty and it’s expensive. Nobody is buying. The end.

It seems that folk have woken up to the dross that these companies put out all the time and claim that each ‘new’ song is the best yet what with false promotion, hyped advertising and dodgy sales figures. When these ‘artists’ stop putting “yo” at the end of each line and SING the damn song instead of TALK it then other folk MIGHT listen. I think we also require that the vast majority of songs are NOT covers of other artists work and are original, well sung, understandable and are genuinely worth buying. Also when the likes of Waterwoman (you all know his real name) stop taking the piss out of Joe Public and give us all some respect then sales might just rise a little. Am I asking too much here? Is the music industry almost a dead one? Who knows? But it can’t go on the way it is coz it ain’t bloody working… Keep smiling : things can only get better. :4

I stopped buying CD’s long time ago when I got tired of paying $15 to $20 for 1 or 2 good songs. I like the idea of getting the weekly or monthly top 10 songs on a CD ( as long as I can choose the songs). I think CD’s like this offer more value and less filler. Bottom-line, I believe paying more than $10 for a music CD is crap. The same applies to the gaming industry. They have basically FORCED people with Gaming Consoles into paying $40 or more per game which is insane. If the price was reasonable, then I think there wouldn’t be this piracy problem. You can’t stop it, but you sure can compete with it. These companies should focus on steady and growing “volume” sales rather than making up for lost sales by jacking up the prices.

Well - the industry cannot hope to extract money from ppl that don’t have all that much. The Cd’s are overpriced and the artists are not worthy … i mean i 'll give ya en axample . how many nickelback songs would your average fella hum ? 1 or 2 at the best … and they got what, 3 albums out ? how many The cult songs could i hum ? at least 20 ? you cannot have acts becoming overnight sensations for writting one song with onew cool vocal melody in it and expect them to endure years of success ? which woyuld translate in big $ !!! The industry must change it’s ways, attitude and pricing ? cos right now you know what is happening ? instead of earning sth, they are in danger of loosing more and more until there will be very little for them …

Seriously, though. If you want good sales, you need good artists. And none of that BS with copy protection. Keep it free, gREEtz :stuck_out_tongue: