Fanless 5.25 enclosure



I’m building a HTPC using an Acer Revo and it has no space for an internal optical drive. It does, however, have 6 USB ports and an ESATA port. I need a quiet (fanless?) external enclosure for the DVD or blu-ray drive. Any suggestions?


Is an adapter only an option or do you need a box anyway? :slight_smile:

Something like this


Nice jig, but I need it in a case. It will be about the only visible part of the system.


oops :flower:

I have a Lindy enclosure (I can’t find a link off hand), and the fan can be disconnected easily :slight_smile:

EDIT: Take a look here: there are some examples, maybe you can find the right one :slight_smile:


I suppose that’s true. I could use any metal one and just clip the leads.